NSCC Ramsgate Weekend Cars

Since 1998, the NSCC has held an annual weekend in Ramsgate, a special car was produced and presented to attendees.  The Club has retained an example of each car for their archives.

This detail was taken from the NSCC 30th Anniversary Booklet, with some additions.

C2007n1998Renault Megane50
C2007n1998Renault Megane50
C283n1999Lamborghini Diablo50
C23252000Purple TVR Speed 1250
C2803N2001Jaguar XJ220C Black50
C24682002Red TVR Speed 1250
C2549-12003Ford GT40 Mk2 #6 Yellow48
C2682B2005Mitsubishi Lancer48
C2734n2006Ford GT Yellow48
C2815B2007Ford GT48
C2935A2008Aston Martin DBR948
C29672009Chaparral 2F48
C31172010Merecedes McLaren48
C32332011Audi R872
C33322012McLaren MP470
C34392013Caterham 772
C3499n2014Team Scalextric Mini60
C3509n2015Lotus Exige V6 Cup R Orange50
C3657a-n2016Lotus 72 Tony Trimmer #854
C3781a-n2017Ford Sierra RS500 BTSS #11 Rob Gravett58
C3942a-n2018Mercedes AMG GT3 ABBA Racing 2017 
C4027a-n2019Aston Martin Vantage GT360
C4074n2021Chevrolet Camaro Dusk Blue50
C4229n2022Lotus Esprit S150
C4338n2023Shelby Cobra 289 – Bill Shepherd55