Nowadays the world and his mother seems to churn out ‘limited edition’ slot cars – mostly limited to the number that they think people will buy at a suitably inflated price! The NSCC, however, takes a slightly different approach; since 1981, the club has produced a very select racing stable of unique models available only to its members.

Production runs are often very small – the Escort XR3I of 1984 consisted of just 80 examples – and the club cars are highly sought after. They are also sold at normal retail price. If you were fortunate enough to be a member at that time, you could have purchased a C306 Alfa in dark red for the princely sum of £15. In the unlikely event that you could persuade someone to sell you one you would need to part with the thick end of £500 today.

Also, since 1998, the club has held an annual weekend event in conjunction with Hornby Hobbies and a special commemorative car has been issued free to attendees each year. Just 48 examples of each Weekend car are produced; very few ever come up for resale. If you are interested in hunting them all down these are the cars you need to find. It’s worth pointing out that the most recent Club car or cars may still be available by joining the NSCC so there is no need to hand over large sums of money for them.

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