About the NSCC

30 enthusiasts formed the NSCC (originally called “The National Scalextric Collectors Club”) in 1980 to bring together those people who collected Scalextric cars. The club has since grown to over 1000 members, not just in the UK, but also in Europe, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and India. It has also expanded to include all makes of slot cars, old and new.

The club offers a number of benefits to members.

Firstly a magazine (the ‘NSCC Journal’) is published every month with up to date information on 1/32nd-scale slot cars and accessories. It includes articles on various topics such as the background to individual models, members’ collections and layouts, interesting discoveries and ways of improving the performance and reliability of the cars. As well as products from Scalextric, models from SCX, Ninco, Fly Car, Carrera and many others are featured in the Journal.

The Journal also offers the opportunity for members to advertise models for sale or swap and place wanted adverts for those hard to find cars and spares that they require. This is a free service for non-trade members providing the total advert value is less than £1500 per calendar year.

Not only can you buy and sell through the Journal, but there are also a number of Swapmeets organised solely for NSCC members and their families every year. As well as being an opportunity to buy and sell, these are great social occasions where you can meet fellow enthusiasts and discuss all things ‘Scalextric’.

From time to time, the NSCC commissions limited edition slot-cars, which are only available to current members. For photos and a full list of previous issues, please refer to the ‘NSCC Cars’ section of the website.

Various other events are also organised – the most popular being a joint venture with Hornby Hobbies – The NSCC/Hornby Ramsgate weekend which gives members the chance to meet and question the top management and design staff of Scalextric. The weekend revolves around racing with the latest Scalextric products, eating, drinking and generally having a great time with fellow enthusiasts! Finally, all participants leave on the Sunday with a special commemorative car (just 48 produced each year) as a lasting memento of the event. For more details email membership@nscc.co.uk.

Race meetings are organised by various clubs around the country and these are reported in the Journal giving you the chance to use your cars for the purpose they were intended for and to have some fun at the same time.

Brian Rogers, a former Journal Editor, has produced a detailed history of the NSCC on the SlotRacer online forum, this can be viewed by following this link.

We look forward to welcoming you into the club.